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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why does the granite break in triangles?

I asked Ranger Kate this morning why the rock breaks into triangles. She explained that it is actually fractured into "X's" that form 60 degree and 120 degree angles. This happened because of forces that were released in the compressed rock after the glaciers retreated. The 60 / 120 phenomenon is due to the molecular structure of the rock. I took some pictures of these fracture lines in the rocks on Schoodic Point this afternoon. It is fascinating.

I cleaned out my studio earlier today with a very heavy heart. I read a quote that many things in life can be fixed with salt water--- sweat, tears, or meditation of the ocean. I have been forever changed by this incredible month. I am willing to trust God and see what is in store for me next.

Tomorrow we pack, wash clothes, and clean the apartment. We are not sure how all of our gear is going to fit into the car.


  1. I will be using your post when I discuss molecular geometry in chemistry!!

  2. Love the salt water quote. I am SO glad that you had an awesome experience. A month that you will always remember and can reflect on during difficult times......
    See you soon!!