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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farewell to Acadia

On the last night we were in Acadia I remembered that my camera also takes short video clips. I thought (lightbulb) wouldn't it be neat to put a video clip of the waves on Schoodic Point on the blog??! This is the resulting video. I wish that I would have had this thought much earlier in the month, but it is a fitting close to the Acadia July 2010 chapter of this blog. We started the trip back to Pennsylvania at 5 a.m. on Friday. There were many places where road construction brought traffic to a standstill. We totaled over 2 hours just sitting in traffic on interstates. We arrived in Williamsburg around 9 p.m. After retrieving Bob's gear from the Ford, I continued on to McConnellsburg arriving around 11. It was a long day, but we arrived safely. We are so happy to have had this great July experience in Acadia National Park and Schoodic Penninsula.

I enjoyed blogging so much that I will continue. Going forth, the blog will be about the creative process and the things that I am making and thinking about. I hope you will continue to check the blog and comment about what you see.

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