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Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday-- Studio Again

I didn't do much except work in the studio today. The photo on the far left is a watercolor that I am working on of the Rockefeller building here at Schoodic. I've worked on it 2 or 3 times now. I try to go slowly with watercolor because you have to carefully build up layers which takes thought and planning. It is not my favorite medium for that reason.

I did more on the painting of Bob in the wetlands. I like how the figure is coming along. I'm not happy with the trees in the center though. I scraped that area and redid it twice-- still not what I want. Time to let it dry and approach it on another day.

Tomorrow is class number 3 at Seawall Picnic area. We are going to hike some carriage roads when I am done. Also need to stop at the grocery store for our last shopping trip. I made up menus for the remaining days to try to use up all of our food before we go and I wrote the store list accordingly.

The Obama's left Mount Desert Island yesterday, so I guess I won't be seeing the girls in my class tomorrow. I think they had a nice time. The weather was great for them.

Bob took the bus into Winter Harbor today and he said there were two eagles hanging around there. It's a great little town. We went to a comedy show performed in a restored theater there on Sat. It was lots of fun.

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