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Thursday, July 31, 2014

10 of my paintings are being shown at C & C Coffee Shop in Chambersburg, PA for the month of August. 

C & C Coffee Shop is a delightful bistro just off the square in historic Chambersburg, PA.

You will enjoy discovering their flavorful coffee drinks, fresh pastries, and lunch fare.  You may enjoy your culinary delights inside the shop or outside along a shady tree-lined walk within view of the iconic fountain on the square. 

However,  their most amazingly delicious beverage is their brewed iced coffee which is prepared in this scientific looking coffee contraption.

  It tastes so rich and delicious that you would swear you were drinking something sinful and diet breaking.

So, take a refreshing summer break from all of your busy summer activities and enjoy lunch or a snack with your friends at C & C Coffee Shop in Chambersburg.  

While you are relaxing, be sure to check out my paintings.  Be sure to tell Andrea, "Dee sent me!" 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Let Summer 2014 Begin!

Horse Valley Camp +
Good Art Friends =
A wonderful way to begin the summer!

These gals take no prisoners!!
 What fun we had making things!!  Did you know caterpillars can paint?? 

It was a gorgeous day!  Every turn was a potential painting.

We tried our hand at kayaking in the lake and stream.

It was a very special Memorial Day!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hudson River Valley Art Workshop with Kim English

     On August 4, I drove to Greenville, NY for a week long oil painting adventure in the Catskill Mountain  region of New York.  The workshop was conducted by artist Kim English.  Kim's paintings are light filled and often figurative. He paints ala prima, all in one session, catching the immediacy and freshness of the subject. We had live models four of the five days with sessions both inside and outside the studio.  One day was spent at a local farm which had a wide variety of subject matter including cows, chickens, and great treasure filled barns. 

The workshop is housed in a glorious bed and breakfast and adjacent carriage house and cottages. My room in the carriage house was above the studio and had a shower, sink, and refrigerator. Excellent chef prepared meals were provided in the dining room of the bed and breakfast.  Meal times were also a treat because our lively class members shared painting stories and forged friendships. 

I truly can not say enough good things about my week at the Hudson Valley Art Workshop.   From the hand made chocolate to the friendly service and staff, I was treated like royalty.  To paint with this fine group of artists and learn from Kim English was life changing.  

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Encaustic Day 2013

Last Thursday five art friends met at my garage to create encaustics together. Encaustic painting is an ancient medium in which pigment is mixed with bees wax and painted on wood or other porous surface. Here you see the bees wax and damar resin melting to create the encaustic medium.  This is used in between each layer of color and it is also used as a base for the paint. Encaustic paint is made by mixing some of the medium and oil paint. We keep the color in small tins on an electric griddle. 

One of the fun things about encaustic making is that you get to use an acetylene torch to melt the surface after each new layer.  Sometimes, if a piece isn't coming together, you can coat it with shellac and set it on fire. Beautiful unplanned patterns and colors can emerge. In this picture, I let my piece burn a little too long and now it's mostly charred. 

Ruth Ann blogged the blogger : )

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bike Ride-- Slate Run-- PA Grand Canyon


On Tuesday, my daughter and I rode our bikes 54 miles along the enchanting Pine Creek in Slate Run, PA.  We enjoyed the gorgeous scenery along the creek as we rode on the rail trail. Our accommodations at the Hotel Manor were much appreciated after our full day of riding. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

New in the Studio (Sarah's old room)

This is a painting I've been working on of a canoe on Lake Jean, Rickett's Glenn.  "Miracle Morning", oil, 24 x 18.  There is going to be more of a shadow on the left side and I have to try to show the lily pads on the lake.

The one on the left is an experimental mixed media.
I took paper covered in encaustic and burned 
the pieces with an acetylene torch. I'm going
to add sewn stitches in gold thread and try
to play up the 
 embossed texture of the background.            

The one on the right is an oil of the Grand Central Terminal in NYC.  "Children of the Light".

Monday, July 8, 2013

Garden Joy

 The garden is a peaceful and calming place.  Masses of yellow and orange lilies and  purple echinacea are about to be joined by floods of black-eyed Susans.  Somehow the aged brick walk still harbors soft green moss even with the staggering July heat.  Though I've yet to spot a monarch, I have seen many Viceroy and tiger swallowtail butterflies.  The milkweed has a sweet smell even to this human nose.  I can only imagine how the aroma must entice lepidoptera.  

A garden is a blessing from the Creator as pleasing to me as music.