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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Susan Ogilvie Pastel Workshop at Stone Ridge Farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

I arrived at Stone Ridge Farm for a pastel workshop with artist, Susan Ogilvie, on Sunday afternoon.  After a delicious dinner, my classmates and I got settled into our rooms at this picturesque Bed and Breakfast. It is a working farm with a Bed and Breakfast in the converted barn.  The property was once owned by famed author, Pearl S. Buck. The studio space is fantastic as are the accommodations. 

Owner, Jackie Walker, does a great job making sure that we are all happy, comfortable, and well fed.  

These are some of the horses on the farm.  There is a large riding arena with a viewing area just outside the studio space. 

This is our instructor, Susan Ogilvie.  I wanted to come to this workshop because I really like Susan's use of bold, bright color and her unusual compositions. 

I have not been disappointed.  Susan has already given me lots of new ideas and things to consider in painting.  

 This is Susan's color study from today.  Notice her pastel box and the way she has it sorted by value and temperature.  Also notice the value study that she has clipped on the left.  

My plan is to get a nap and go back to the studio tonight.  Please pray for me that all of this new found knowledge starts to show in my work.  Love'n it here!!!! --- and very glad to have this opportunity!!!!  Thank you, God!!! Also--- A big thank you to my good friend Linda M. and her husband for coming to this workshop and helping me in so many ways in this adventure.

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