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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Environmental Ed Workshop

Paper mache tree display at Fresco

Fellow teacher, Susie Cordell, and I traveled to Lancaster today to attend a very good environmental education workshop.  This was sponsored by DEP and Fresco, a green products company from Lancaster County.  We learned about alternative energy, ways to conserve energy, lots of activities for our students, and new products.  We toured a passive solar house and got to see the DEP environmental ed trailer.  We are hoping to get the trailer for our Earth Day activities.  We received a huge folder of materials that we will sift through and process.  We are thinking that we might write a grant to get some solar car kits.  It is a classroom set of solar cells and motors to power small toy cars that the students create.  This would work into my Motion and Design science unit in 5th grade. 

Participants pedal the bike to show the energy needed to power incandescent and CFL
Display at Fresco-- recyclables and products made from them

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