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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Corks and Canvas Success!

Last night 8 brave women painted a wetlands scene in 3 hours!!  What a great job they did.  I had a blast and I think they did too.  If you are interested in a corks and canvas night at the Arts Council in Chambersburg, just get a group of friends together and get in touch with me or with the Arts Council.  The cost is very reasonable and all materials are provided.  You will go home with a finished work of art that you produced.  Who knows--- maybe this class would awaken your inner artist!!

Arts Express Class at Grove Library
Last week, I taught 6 art classes for Arts Express in Chambersburg.  Each day was a different group of kids in a different location.  This picture was taken on the last day at The Grove Family Library.  Other days were BPOIC, Boys and Girls Club, Migrant Program, Coyle Free Library, YMCA Camp.

It was fun for me as well as the kids.

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