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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Easton Studio and School

I had a wonderful day today learning more about painting at the Easton Studio and School in Easton, MD.  Talented Louis Escobedo was our instructor for the 9 - 4 class.  

We painted still life set ups.  Louis did a demonstration first to show how to chisel in a convincing 3 dimensional peach form with juicy oil paint.  He discussed how color is influenced by the color of the objects around it. 

I am coming to believe that this painting thing that I love so much is 90 percent intellectual and 10 percent intuition.  I keep hoping that I am up to the task.  

Thank you to the class and to Louis for being so welcoming and gracious to me.  A special thank you goes out to Linda K. for her invitation.  I had an enjoyable time talking with her and her family this evening.  God has put a kindred spirit in my path!

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