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Friday, July 6, 2012

My Gift

I volunteered to serve last week at Creation Festival located on the Agape Retreat Center near Shirleysburg last week.  Despite the heat, I am so glad that I served. 

This was my first time attending Creation and it was amazing to see the city start to form on the hills.
 These two pictures were taken from the overlook on Tuesday morning when just the volunteers were starting to come in.  As we got into Wed. all of the field areas you see become covered by campers.  People came from all over the East Coast.  I was amazed.

The main stage took shape before my eyes.  I especially wanted to see Chris August.  Here he is performing Starry Night.  It was wonderful!!
I made some new friends, got to serve, and made some connections on my spiritual journey.
Check out this u-tube video of the experience: 

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