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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Art Room

One of the things I loved about my Residency in Acadia was the studio space that I was given. I loved it because it was a space totally devoted to my art. I could go there, shut the door, turn on my music, and be creative for hours. Here at home I have had to stockpile my materials in the basement and move things upstairs when I want to work. This is not ideal. Now that my wonderful daughter is beginning her career, her bedroom is not being used. Today I began to turn her old room into my art room. The photo on the left is a "before" and the photo on the right is "after". I still have to move up my drawing table, a small chest, and lots of supplies. I'm covering the carpet right now with the orientals I got at a recent auction, but I think I should get something else.

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